"(Millay & Co.) were respectful of our staff and kept us informed as to the progress and timeline at all times. As you know, the remodel effort was accomplished in record time, but that could not have been done without constant communication from all parties." — Karen L Forristal, Heather Lucas & Metthes J. Alvord, Encompix 
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"I have had the pleasure of working with Millay & Company on many commercial tenant improvement projects over the past 10+ years, and I have never had a problem with any phase of any project. Your firm is always on time, professional, on budget, and your project supervisors and subs work well with the clients. I highly recommend Millay & Company to companies looking for an experienced, competent general contractor." — Michele Laumer, CAREY LAUMER COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC   > View Entire Testimonial
" The Millay crew is great to work with.  They are 100% professional and always go the extra mile.  There have been occasions in the past where a detail or two were not included in the architect’s plans which would leave the job looking unfinished.  Your crew takes the initiative and finishes the work professionally rather than leave it undone.  That is noticed and appreciated. " — Nancy K. Morris, CHAVEZ PROPERTIES    > View Entire Testimonial
" CMC Properties has been very satisfied with the service and quality provided by Millay & Co. Both new construction and tenant improvement work is completed on time and on budget.”— Gregory E. Land, CMC PROPERTIES   > View Entire Testimonial
" If you want to save money; if you want to avoid potential labor disputes; if you want to deal directly with the owners; and if you want to be happy with your investment at the end of your project – talk to Scott Millay and Jim Goetz, to “Just Git - it – done”…fast! " — Timothy G. Trachsel,  THE T2GROUP, LLC    > View Entire Testimonial
"First i would like to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with Millay Construction and specifically Steve Hiles. The Steely Library project has moved so quickly, and without many issues, and steve has been so organized and communicative with both me and the end user it has helped my peace of mind a great deal.  Millay has been very professional and easy to work with.  Thank you." — Mary Lee Schott,  NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY
"Thank you again for all the great work. Tell the guys too." — Aaron Cowan,  T-SHIRT XPRESS